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What is Mother’s Day and Where Does it Come From?

Image representing a student studying a lesson on tense and aspect

Mother’s Day is a yearly event that is celebrated over much of the English-speaking world (and by some non-English speaking nations), although different countries celebrate it on different days of the year. In the US, this is celebrated in May. In the UK, it is celebrated three weeks before Easter Sunday – which, this year, …

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6 Top Tips for Getting Started with a New Language

The hardest part of learning any new language is getting started! Here are some ideas to help you speak up those first steps and keep motivated as you start on your language learning journey. Start With the 100 Most Used Words Learning a new language is a big commitment and it can be very difficult …

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Your Guide to Party Etiquette in the UK

Image representing students learning about party etiquette in the UK

Every country in the world has its own unspoken rules and expectations of how to behave when it comes to social gatherings – and the UK is no different. Often, people think that conventions in their own culture apply everywhere, or that the way you should behave is just ‘obvious’. That’s simply not the case, …

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Language Learning in Love

In some parts of the world February means dark days and cold temperatures, which is the reason why many dream of idyllic beaches and exciting travel itineraries. All of which you can perfectly do while learning a language abroad. And since February also means Valentine’s Day, let us talk about how even language study stays …

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6 Chat Up Lines in English You Definitely Should NOT Use This Valentine’s Day

Image representing students learning about 6 chat up lines in English which you definitely should NOT use this Valentine's Day

Love is in the air and romantic ideas are everywhere. If a gorgeous girl or guy has caught your eye, now’s your chance to impress them with your charm and flirtatious conversation. Unless, of course, you use one of these terrible chat up lines in English, in which case they will probably never speak to …

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