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What to Say When You Need to Break Up with Someone (In English)

Image representing students learning to use the correct present tense

Breaking up is hard to do – in any language. If you still care about the other person and don’t want to hurt them more than you have to, you need to get the right balance between being honest with them and seeming too blunt or cruel. If the other person is certain that they …

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Other Ways to Say “I Understand”

Image representing students learning other ways to say "I Understand"

There are many different reasons why you might need to tell someone that you understand what they are saying. Perhaps you want to make it clear that you understand the literal meaning of what they have said, for example, when you ask a teacher to explain what a new word means, or when you ask …

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How Long Does It Take to Learn a Language?

Image representing students learning the essential house-hunting vocab guide for English learners

People can be very impatient. For many of us, as soon as we start doing something new, we want to be great at it. If we don’t get there fast enough, we say to ourselves, “I guess I’m not very good at XYZ” … and then we give up! Learning a language is a great …

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You Can’t Spend Summer in Britain Without Experiencing These 9 Things

Image representing spending summer in Britain

The UK is famous for having terrible weather, so when the sun comes out – even for a few days – everyone gets very excited! If you’re currently living in the UK, or you’re visiting Britain this summer, here are nine traditions and habits that you are guaranteed to see for yourself. 1. Barbeques (BBQs) …

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