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15 Weird English Idioms that Will Make You Sound Like a Native Speaker

Image representing students learning other ways to say "I Understand"

Many of the most common phrases that English speakers use every day sound very strange to a foreign ear! In fact, English speakers use many of these idioms without even thinking about it and only a few people could probably tell you where these phrases came from in the first place. However, once you get …

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How to Listen to Music Without Making Your English Worse

Image representing students learning why English pronunciation is so hard

Did you read that title and think, “But wait! That doesn’t make sense! How could listening to English music make my English WORSE?” Good question! Most of the time, listening, reading or watching anything in English is a great way to improve your pronunciation, learn new words and get used to hearing informal English. But …

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7 Great YouTube Channels for English Learners

Image representing a student studying English idioms about love

Videos can be some of the best resources for learning English. You hear how the words are spoken, helping you to improve your pronunciation and your listening skills. At the same time, you can see the words or images related to them on screen, which is perfect if you are a “visual” learner – someone …

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What Exactly Is the Holiday Season?

Image representing students learning what exactly is the holiday season.

You may have heard people, companies or advertisers talk about the “holiday season”. For example, “are you going home this holiday season?” or “Save money this holiday season with a discount card from our store!” If so, you might be wondering exactly what “holiday season” means. Don’t people take vacations all year round? And aren’t …

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4 Popular Idioms About Teaching

Image representing students learning about the real reason British people are so hard to understand

It’s not just teachers that teach us the things we need to know! There are many other important lessons and types of knowledge that come from life and experience, too. In English, there are many idioms to do with wisdom, teaching and learning. Today I’m going to show you four common English phrases that use …

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Top Tips for Improving Your Memory

Image representing a student learning about New Year's resolutions as an English language learner

Are you worried that you will forget important vocabulary or grammar rules before your exams? Do you struggle to learn long lists of new words off by heart? Here are 6 great tips to help keep essential information in your mind. Remind Yourself of the Information Very Often Typically, we forget nearly half of the …

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How to Know Which New Vocabulary to Focus On

Image representing students learning why English pronunciation is so hard

When you study a new language, there is usually a logical approach to learning grammar. You start with one tense (usually the present tense) and then you gradually learn the rules for another tense, such as past simple, and then you learn another tense, for example the future. It’s methodical and straightforward. But when it …

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Sorry, But There’s More Than One Way to Apologise in English

Image representing spending summer in Britain

  You may have heard jokes about how often Brits (and Canadians) apologise. And it’s true! Whether it’s politeness or awkwardness, we can’t seem to stop saying sorry. In fact, if you walk down any busy English street, you’re likely to hear dozens of apologies before you reach your destination. British people will say sorry …

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10 Bizarre British Traditions

Image representing a 10 bizarre British tradition

From Morris Dancers to Cheese Rolling Competitions, Britain is home to some strange and unique traditions – some of which go back thousands of years! Sadly, some of these peculiar activities are starting to get lost in modern times, but you can still find many small villages and towns that celebrate them. Here are ten …

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