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The Friendliest Cities in the World for Learning English

Image representing the friendliest cities in the world to learn English

To learn any language fluently, you need to TALK to people, right? Of course! But depending on the city you live in, this can be very easy – or kind of hard. Some of the most amazing cities in the English-speaking world are not exactly famous for being friendly. In fact, cities like London and …

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12 Aussie Expressions that are Awesome, Aye!

Image representing Sydney Opera House in Australia

  There are a few things you will notice straightway when you talk to Australians (or Aussies for short). First, they tend to add the word “aye” to many sentences – but don’t worry about that, it doesn’t really mean anything. Secondly, they LOVE to use slang. Lots and lots of slang. Many of these …

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How to Improve Your English When You’re Busy All the Time

Image representing students learning how to improve their English

Do you want to improve your English but never seem to have enough time? Here are some quick and simple things you can do every day, with great results – without changing your daily schedule. Learn One New Word Every Day One new word each day isn’t a scary target, but it will build up …

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4 Practical Ways to Improve Your Pronunciation Today

Image representing student learning practical ways to improve pronunciation

What’s the biggest difference between the way native and non-native speakers pronounce their words? Native speakers don’t say things perfectly. I know what you’re thinking: that doesn’t make any sense! But think about it. In casual conversation, no matter what language you speak, you never say every word completely clearly and perfectly. Spoken language isn’t …

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The Most Important Thing to Remember When Starting a New Language

Image representing a student learning Irish English

What is the single most important thing to do when you’re trying to learn a language? The one trick that will help you to improve at a much faster rate? Don’t take yourself too seriously! Honestly, having a sense of humour will help you far more than hours and hours spent studying, or even having …

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How One Man Changed the English Language More than Anyone Else in History

Image representing students learning about how one man changed the English language more than anyone else in history

William Shakespeare was a playwright and poet who died five hundred years ago, but he made more of an impact on English language and culture than just about anyone else who ever lived. In fact, Shakespeare invented hundreds of words, including everyday words like “bubble”. Just as importantly, the ideas, expressions and stories from Shakespeare’s …

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How to Talk About Joking in English

Image representing students learning about party etiquette in the UK

The English are famous for their “dry” sense of humour. The Australians are always “taking the piss” out of each other. Americans love their “pranks”. In every country in the world, laughter is important, but there are many different types of jokes, used in different contexts. Here is a quick guide to understanding these different …

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4 Sports Terms to Use in English Conversation

Image representing students learning how to explain what someone else said in English

Phrases and metaphors that come from sports and games are popular in many different languages, and English is no different. Here are four common expressions that you are likely to hear in conversation – and where they come from. Score an Own Goal In football (as in soccer, not American Football), scoring an own goal …

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