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What You Need to Know About Working In A Foreign Country

Image representing working abroad

Been bitten by the wanderlust bug? If you’re dreaming of having adventures all over the world, experiencing something new and exciting every day, then taking the lap and working in another country might be perfect for you. But there are some really important things to consider before you can start making your dream come true. …

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What Are Conjunctions – And How Do You Use Them?

Image representing students learning how to explain what someone else said in English

Conjunctions are a really essential piece of English grammar. We use them all the time, and without them, the way we communicate would be completely different! And it’s probably safe to say that without realising it, you’re already quite familiar with a few of the most conjunctions. So what are they, and how are they …

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Regular and Irregular Verbs – What’s the Difference?

Image representing a student learning about New Year's resolutions as an English language learner

You probably already know that verbs can be in regular or irregular forms – but do you really know what these terms actually mean? Simply put – it’s a way of describing the way different groups of verbs can be used and how they are changed. Read on to find out more about them to …

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Bring a Fashionable Touch to Your Language With These Fashion Idioms

Image representing students learning what Thanksgiving is all about

Love wearing a stylish outfit or keeping on top of all of the latest fashion trends? You might be surprised to find out that fashion can influence more than just the clothes in your wardrobe this season. It’s also quite a important theme in the English language! Read on to discover some great fashion-related idioms, …

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Top Tips for Getting to Grips with a New Alphabet

Image representing a student learning English by studying great novels

Learning a new language is hard enough when it the letters it uses are similar to your own. When you have to learn a whole new alphabet at the same time, this can feel like a huge task! Of course, getting used to a new way of writing and reading does make things tricky, but …

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The Secret to Successful Language Learning

Image representing successful language learning

Psst! We want to tell you a secret. The one thing that will make make your attempts to learn a new language a lot more successful. The thing that will keep you focussed and motivated. That will make you learn so much faster. And what’s that secret? Actually, it’s very simple: Know why you’re doing …

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