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What Does Aspect Mean – and How Do You Use It?

Image representing students learning how to improve their conversational English faster by asking more questions

Do you know what an aspect is in English grammar? We all know what tenses are. Tenses are a part of grammar that tell us about whether something is happening in the past, present or the future. Easy enough, right? Aspect is similar to this, because it still tells us something about our relationship with …

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How Not to Learn a New Foreign Language

Image representing a student studying English idioms about love

Learning a new language isn’t always the easiest thing to do, though it is definitely very rewarding. But there are lots of little pitfalls along the way that can make the learning process a lot more difficult than it needs to be. Read on to find out what to avoid when you’re trying to learn …

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Passive v Active Voice – What’s the Difference?

Image representing students learning how to explain what someone else said in English

When you think of a verb in English, you’d think it was a word that describes some kind of activity, right? But verbs aren’t always “active”. In fact, the voice of a verb tells you something about the relationship between the action of the verb, and the subject and object in the sentence. And in …

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3 Ways Travel Equips You With the Perfect Skills For Life

Image representing travel

Itching to see more of the world or want to experience something new? Making that decision to get out on the road could be one of the best choices you ever make. Travel is one of the best ways to gain incredible skills that will come in handy throughout your career and life – and …

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How to Use the Future Tense Correctly in English

Image representing students learning about party etiquette in the UK

There are lots of ways you can thin about the future, and you’re probably familiar with some of them! You might want to describe something you’re about to do very soon, or you may want to share your hopes and plans for the years ahead. While both describe the future, they do it differently, so …

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5 Tips to Help You Get Ready for Your FCE Exam!

Image representing students learning why English pronunciation is so hard

Planning on taking the FCE exam? Whether it’s just around the corner or you’re getting started on your journey, preparation is key to success. Read on for 5 fantastic tips to help you make the most of your exam prep! Organise and plan your study Knowing what to expect can make a big difference to …

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You’ve Found Your Perfect Place to Live and Work – Now Here’s What You Need to Know Before You Move!

Image representing finding a perfect place to live and work

  You’ve found your perfect place on Earth. Maybe it was through a holiday experience that left it’s mark on you like no other, or maybe you fell in love with the people, culture and beautiful landscape on your travels. And all you can think about now is how great it would be to live …

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Learn How to Use the Conditional Tense in English Correctly

Image representing a student learning how to sound more interesting in English

Thinking about how to express what might happen, or what could have happened? To do this in English, we need to use the conditional tense. You can use the conditional tense in a number of ways to express a variety of things – read on to find out how! Using the Zero Conditional The zero …

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What are Gerunds and How Do You Use Them?

Image representing a student learning English by studying great novels

Gerunds might sound like a strange term to come across in English grammar, but they describe a very common part of the language. You’ll find gerunds in virtually everything you read, write or hear – and they’re quite easy to use! Read on to find out what exactly a gerund is, and how to make …

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Spring Is In The Air! Add a Touch of Spring to your English With These 6 Idioms

Image representing students learning how to make sentences much more interesting

Spring is a time for optimism and opportunity – with the signs of new growth all around you! In the English language you’ll find lots of idioms that capture the essence of the season – read on to discover some of the best ones, and try adding them to your vocabulary for a seasonal touch. …

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