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Make Travelling the Perfect Time to Learn a New Language

Are you planning a dream trip overseas soon? Make your getaway even better, by adding learning a new language into the mix! Travelling has a host of great benefits – you get to broaden your perspective of the world, make new friends, and have some incredible experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime. …

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Each, Every and All – How to Use Distributives in English

Image representing students learning about fun facts about the English language

What exactly are distributives, and how do you use them? You’ve probably come across some common distributives already – words like “each”, “every”, “half” and “all” are all distributives. These are all words that are used to describe groups, or parts of groups. But each distributive has a different meaning. Read on to find out …

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How to Use Correct Punctuation in English

Image representing students learning what exactly is the holiday season.

Most languages have a form of punctuation – and in English, it’s really important! Punctuation are the marks and signs used in written English, which help to express differences in meaning, and make sure that sentences are clear and easy to understand. Read on to find out more about the foundations of punctuation – and …

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How to Get Ahead for the FCE Exam

Image representing students learning what Thanksgiving is all about

Doing the FCE exam is a great step in your journey towards learning English – it’ll help you to improve all aspects of your language skills, including reading, writing, listening and speaking in English. That makes the FCE a brilliant qualification to have if you’re looking to work or study in an English-speaking environment! But …

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How to Use Will

Image representing students learning how to improve their English

You’ve probably come across “will” in English already – in fact, it is quite commonly used, in lots of different ways! This simple word can have a variety of meanings, depending on how you use it – read on to find out more about it! Talking about the future One of the most common ways …

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Are You Planning on Working Overseas? Here’s What You Should Know

Working in another country is an incredible experience – one you’ll remember for the rest of your life. It’s a chance to get out of your comfort zone, test yourself and make some amazing memories – not to mention learn all kinds of skills and talents that could transform your career! But it’s not as …

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When Do You Use the Definite Article?

Articles are an essential part of the English language – you’ll come across them in virtually every single sentence you ever read or use! But with lots of different rules about them, they can seem a bit confusing. So read on to understand how to use articles correctly. What is an article? First of all …

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A New Year and New Beginnings! Learn These Idioms About A Fresh New Start

With the start of a brand new year ahead, it’s the perfect time to think about making a new beginning in your life. Maybe this is the year you’ll learn a new language, or travel to the destination you’ve always dreamed of! To get you inspired, take a look at these great idioms – all …

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