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How to Get Ready For Your FCE Exam

Image representing students learning what Thanksgiving is all about

Are you planning to take your FCE exam soon? It’s a great qualification to have and will be a brilliant start to your English studies. Of course, preparing for an exam can be a pretty stressful time – so what’s the best way to get ready for it? Read on for some practical pointers! Use …

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How To Choose the Right Tense!

Image representing how languages can boost one's career

When there are lots of different tenses to learn, it can seem a little mind-boggling to decide which one you need to use – and when! So to help you learn to choose the correct one for each situation, read on for some simple pointers on each tense. Using the present simple tense The present …

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How Taking a Job Overseas Will Change Your Life!

In need of a career change? Not sure what you want to do next? Why not head overseas – it’s the perfect way to transform your work life, gain new skills and enjoy an incredible experience! Read on to discover how working abroad can help you take your career to a completely new level –and …

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How Do Things Compare? Talking About Equality

Image representing students learning how and when to use formal and informal English

Comparing different objects, places or people is an everyday part of the English language. From comparing how something looks, to describing an action, you’ll want to use this form in lots of different ways. So how do you compare things in English? Read on to find out! By saying things are similar Saying something is …

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Chill Out with Wintery Idioms in English!

Image representing students learning how to improve their conversational English faster by asking more questions

Across the Northern Hemisphere, it’s starting to get pretty cool out there – and winter is definitely coming! Of course, the weather’s not the only thing to cool down. You’ll also come across lots of winter related idioms, which are perfect for this time of year. Read on to find out some of the most …

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Active or Passive? Working with Different Voices

Image representing students learning what exactly is the holiday season.

When you’re speaking or writing in English, everything in the language has a particular voice. This isn’t a literal voice, of course – but just like the way a person uses their own voice to express different tones, feelings or meanings, you can also change the voice of the language you use. Read on to …

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What If? How to Use the Conditional in English

Image representing students learning what an oxymoron is

We’re not always completely certain about our plans for the future, are we? There’s always a lot of “what ifs”, “maybe’s” and “perhaps” in life! And to express this in English, we use the conditional form – read on to find out more about the different types of this! Zero conditional This is a form …

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How to Learn a Language on the Go

Got a craving for wanderlust? If you’re aching to see the world and explore new horizons, then why not make the most of your experience and learn a new language at the same time? Learning a language when you’re immersed in the sights, sounds and culture of another country is a brilliant way to soak …

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