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Doing the FCE Exam? Then Make Sure You Avoid These Mistakes!

Image representing a student learning English by studying great novels

You’ve worked hard to get ready for your FCE exam. And you’re already looking forward to the many benefits you’ll be able to enjoy once you’ve got through it – like being able to work, study and travel overseas more easily – as well as having a much better understanding of the English language! But …

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What’s the Difference Between the Active and Passive Voice?

Image representing students learning to use the correct present tense

Did you know that all verbs have a voice? The “voice” of a verb shows the relationship the subject of the sentence has to the action that is described by the verb. They can be either active – or passive. But what do these really mean, and how are they used? Read on to find …

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Frustrated at Work? Here’s How Languages Can Boost Your Career!

Image representing how languages can boost one's career

If you’re wondering how you can take your career to a new level but feeling stuck in a rut – then learning a language might be the perfect way to reinvigorate your career path! How? Read on to find out the many different advantages languages can offer you – and some of them might surprise …

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The Essential Rules to Know About Writing and Punctuation!

Image representing a student learning about New Year's resolutions as an English language learner

Are you trying to write something in English? Did you know that how you say something can have a big impact on the message that comes across? That’s why punctuation is such an important part of English grammar! Unlike spoken English, written English has to be marked specifically to show what you mean – and …

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5 Autumnal Idioms That Are Perfect for the Changing Season!

Image representing autumn

If you’re anywhere in the northern hemisphere, then you’ve probably noticed the slight chill that’s creeping in the air… The days getting shorter… And the nights getting cooler. It’s unmistakeable, the feeling of the changing season is almost in the air! Known as “autumn” across the British English speaking world, and “fall” in countries that …

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Using Abbreviations – What to Do and What to Avoid!

Image representing students talking about the use of abbreviations

Abbreviations are very common in English – they’re a way of shortening a word or phrase to a smaller word, or often, just a few letters. And you’ll find them used a lot – both in spoken and written English. But there are some rules about what words can be abbreviated, and when it’s ok …

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Planning a Gap Year? Make The Most of It By Learning New Languages!

Image representing students getting ready for the FCE Exam

A gap year can be one of the most amazing ways to spend a year before you head off to university, college or get started in your career. It’s a time to have incredible experiences, make new friends and create brilliant memories that will stay with you for a lifetime! And if you’re planning on …

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What are Interjections – And How Do You Use Them?

Image representing students learning how and when to use formal and informal English

Hey! What’s an interjection? Well, it turns out that they’re a really special part of the English language. They’re quite different to anything else you might have learned about English grammar – but they’re just as important to know about! So let’s take a closer look at them. What are interjections? Interjections are words that …

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Essential Preparation Tips for the FCE Exam!

Image representing students learning about how celebrities prove how English can transform one's career

Are you planning to take the FCE exam soon? Being properly prepared for it is an essential part of succeeding, so to help you out, read these useful preparation tips! Go in fully prepared If you’ve ever taken an exam and felt like you might have missed out on something, then you know how nerve-inducing …

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