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How To Get Fluent In Another Language Before You Travel

Image representing the friendliest cities in the world to learn English

You’ve got your dream getaway booked. The perfect hotel. The most amazing itinerary. But there’s one thing missing, isn’t there? You can’t speak a word of the local language. That’s a tough one. And you could just shrug your shoulders and hope to make do with sign language and a bit of luck. But it’s …

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How To Express Wishes And Regrets

Image representing what British people eat

Ever thought about how you would have changed something in the past, or what you hope to do in the future? Everyone feels something they regret about the past, whether it’s big or small. And everyone wishes they could do something differently if they got the chance! In English, expressing your regrets and hopes is …

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5 Ways To Feel More Confident Before Your FCE Exam

Image representing students learning about quotes to inspire them to improve their English

Feeling anxious before your FCE exam? Don’t worry! You’re not the only one. Getting stressed about exams is a part of everyday life – but don’t let it get in the way of success.  You’ve worked hard to get this far – now you’re just at the last hurdle! To help you conquer those fears …

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Here’s what to look forward to at Christmas in England

Image representing spending summer in Britain

Planning to visit England at Christmas time? Or do you just feel a little curious about how the festive season is celebrated compared to the rest of the world? While England shares a lot of Christmas traditions with other parts of the world, it also definitely has plenty of its own unique pleasures and quirks! …

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How To Use ‘Used To’ Correctly

Image representing students learning how to improve their conversational English faster by asking more questions

Saying that someone ‘used to’ do something or ‘is used to’ something sounds pretty similar. You’d think they might mean the same thing, but they don’t! This can be pretty confusing, right? In fact, there are two main different ways of using the common phrase, ‘used to’. Let’s find out what they are! Using ‘be …

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Bored At Work? Boost Your Career By Learning a Language!

Image representing students learning how to create a great LinkedIn Profile in English

Do you find yourself sighing out of the window in boredom in your lunch break? Catch yourself daydreaming about doing something far more exciting instead? Instead of whiling away the hours, why not do something to perk up your career! Learning a language might just be the perfect little challenge to re-ignite your brainwaves, and …

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8 Popular English Proverbs You’ll Hear Everywhere

Image representing students learning the hardest words to pronounce for English learners

Every language has its own unique proverbs. To someone learning the language, they can often seem a little bit strange, and even nonsensical! But they’re a really important part of the personality and feel of a particular language. So learning a few of these proverbs could turn out to be useful, to help add a …

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How to Use Modal Verbs

Image representing students preparing for the FCE exam

Must all verbs be used in the same way? Some verbs might not follow the usual rules we’re used to, right? So it should be helpful to learn about how to use them… It’s true that not all verbs are used in the same way. In fact, there’s a particular group of verbs called ‘modal …

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Feeling festive? Ready for Crimbo? Some common vocabulary to get you in the Christmas spirit!

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to brush up on some festive-themed vocabulary! So whether you’re planning to celebrate Christmas in the UK or want to share it with your English-speaking friends, you’ll have just the right word at hand for the occasion. Decorations Christmas tree  – this is a real …

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