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The Top Tips to Make International Travel Easier

Image representing what's beyond the UK and America

Travelling half way around the world isn’t always easy – language barriers, questionable food and trying to work out the exchange rate in your head can create some tricky obstacles! To make your travel life a little easier, here are a few handy pointers: 1. Plan your tours If you’re planning to see some of …

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Using Compound Nouns

Image representing students learning about fun facts about the English language

Compound nouns are a really common part of the English language. Whether you’re planning to work in an English-speaking country or just visiting, you’re bound to come across them. To help you understand them, take a look at what they are – and how to use them! What are compound nouns? Compounds are nouns just …

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Choosing the Right Present Tense: Simple, Continuous and Perfect

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One of the most difficult parts of learning a new language can be mastering all that grammar – especially tenses! These can sometimes feel like a minefield, so to help you master the present tense in English, here’s an easy breakdown of the different options, and when to use them: When to use the present …

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Meet Eurocentres at Study World in Taiwan!

Are you living in Taiwan and interested in learning a new language and immersing yourself in a different culture? Eurocentres can help you! We will have a booth at the Study World Fair in Taiwan in October, where we can explain all the opportunities Eurocentres has to offer. The Study World Fair is one of …

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Why learning another language will boost your job opportunities

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Think learning another language is only for the travellers of the world? Think again. Being able to speak and write more than one language is an incredibly useful skill in the contemporary job market – even if you’re not planning to pack your bags and move abroad! Here are 4 reasons that explain why taking …

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