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Free English Lesson: Are you going to… or will you be…?

Image representing students learning about the best Christmas songs of all time

One of the ways we talk about the future in English is to use the phrases ‘going to’ or ‘will’. You can use these in different contexts, to mean a variety of things – and to help you understand the differences between them, check out the examples below! When you know that something definitely will …

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British slang in everyday conversation

Image representing students learning how to explain what someone else said in English

When you’re speaking English, the best way to come across more naturally is to let yourself loosen up and have fun – and introducing a little slang into your conversation is the perfect way to do this! Here we take a closer look at some great pieces of British slang – see how you can …

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Free English Lesson: How to use articles, determiners and quantifiers

Image representing a student learning about the 4 Words that Native English speakers get wrong ALL the time

What is the most awkward thing about learning English? For many people, it can be the really little details – like those little words that come before nouns, especially if your native language does not use anything similar! Articles, determiners and quantifiers are the main types of words that go before a noun – and …

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5 things to know about moving to a foreign country

Are you planning to make the big leap and move overseas? You’re going to have an awesome time, but to make sure you have the best experience, make sure you don’t overlook some of the important issues! Here are five things you should keep in mind, before you pack up your passport. 1. Get Housing …

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Free English Lesson: When you should and shouldn’t use ‘the’ in a sentence

Image representing a student learning how to sound more interesting in English

One of the trickier parts in English is not always about learning what to do – it’s about learning what not to do! Using ‘the’ in a sentence is a good example of this. In this lesson, we’ll look at when you do need to use ‘the’ – and when you need to avoid it. …

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7 tips to help you prepare for the IELTS exam

Image representing students learning how to make small talk in English

Are you planning on taking your IELTS exam soon? We know you’ll want to get the very best result you can, so to make your exam prep easier and more effective for you, here are some handy tips to make studying for the IELTS a breeze! Read on and avoid the stress of having to …

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Free English Lesson: ‘For’ or ‘Since’?

Image representing students learning a language faster in-country

When you talk about doing something for a period of time in English, there are a lot of different ways to describe it – but it can be tricky to decide which is the correct way! One of the most common ways to describe time is the use of the words ‘for’ and ‘since’ – …

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