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Free English Lesson: 4 Common Sports idioms

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Love keeping fit? Then why not combine your English learning with your favourite hobby? Phrasal verbs might sound a little complicated, but when you put then into context, they make a lot more sense, and are much easier to learn! To help you out with phrasal verbs, here are some memorable sporty ones to think …

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5 Awesome Reasons to Learn French!

Are you contemplating learning a new language? French is a brilliant language to add to your skill set, with lots of advantages to enjoy! As one of the most widely spoken languages on the planet, learning French will help you in all parts of life – from boosting your career prospects, to helping you enjoy …

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Free English Lesson: Comparatives and Superlatives

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Ever wanted to express how great something really was in English, but weren’t sure what to say? Or felt like showing off why your idea was better than someone else’s? That’s when comparatives and superlatives come handy! They might sound a little complex, but they really aren’t as bad as they seem – read on …

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5 Great Reasons to Study Spanish in Peru!

Peru is the gem among countries in South America, with breath-taking natural beauty, incredible history and a buzzing modern city life that gets the balance between laid-back and full on glamour just right. So if you’re looking to study Spanish in a place that will tick off all your check boxes for a dream location …

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Free English Lesson: Common Nature Idioms

Nature is all around us – even if you live in a buzzing city metropolis! That’s because it’s in our everyday language, as nature-based idioms are used to express a variety of things. Want to learn more about nature idioms and how to use them? Read on to discover more! 1. Across the pond You’ll …

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5 Reasons to Study English in Ireland

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If you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, and the buzz of a cosmopolitan lifestyle all rolled into one, then Ireland is the perfect place for you! So if you’re undecided about studying in the Emerald Isle, we’ve got the run-down on some of the wonderful attractions that make the country such a unique and special place …

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