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Why Learning English Can Change Your Life!

Image representing learning how to open a bank account in the UK

Learning English might sound like a really difficult task – but it’s also very rewarding too! From helping you to see the world, to making new opportunities in your career, learning English can really open new doors for you. Still not convinced? Then read on to learn just why studying English will make a difference …

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Free English Lesson: Phrasal Verbs about Time

Image representing students preparing for the FCE exam

Time is an essential part of our lives – in fact, we never seem to have enough of it! That’s why time forms a major part of the English language – and we use it in all sorts of ways to communicate how we deal with everyday activities. Phrasal verbs to do with time are …

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Free English Lesson: Some of the Most Used Idioms in English!

Image representing students learning how to make sentences much more interesting

Idioms are important to know, because we English-speakers use them all the time. So even if you feel a little strange using them yourself, knowing them will give you a much better level of understanding. Here are some of the most common ones: 1.  To ‘kill two birds with one stone’ This means ‘to do …

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5 Reasons to Study English in Cambridge

The UK has some of the world’s most famous educational institutions, it’s no doubt! And what’s the first place to pop into your head? Well, if it’s not the hallowed streets of Cambridge, then you definitely need to brush up! So check out our top 5 reasons on what makes Cambridge the perfect place to …

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