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Free English Lesson: 4 More UK Slang Words You Really Should Know!

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Slang is very common in the UK. And if you don’t know the words, you can have a lot of trouble understanding people in your day-to-day life. So here are 5 more UK slang words to add to your vocabulary! 1. Doddle Doddle is a noun that you use to describe something that is or …

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5 Great Reasons to Learn Spanish!

If you’re thinking of learning a new language, have you thought about learning Spanish? Spanish is a pretty awesome language – and it’s fast growing in popularity, as it’s spoken all over the world by millions of people. It’s also lots of fun – and there’s nothing better than being able to go on holiday …

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Free English Lesson! 5 Useful Weather Idioms

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There are a number of common weather-related idioms that we use in our daily conversations. They’re useful to know if you want to really improve your English and start speaking like a native! Ready? 1. (To be) under the weather This is a very common idiom we use when someone is ill. It is not …

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5 Reasons to Study German in Berlin!

Want to learn German for work or school? There’s nowhere better in the world to study German than the amazing city of Berlin! As the multicultural capital of Europe, Berlin is a fantastic melting pot of arts, fashion and great food, bringing together people from all sorts of different backgrounds and cultures. And that’s exactly …

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Free English Grammar Lesson: Conditional Sentences

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In English we use conditional sentences (or “If” clauses) to talk about future possibilities, or hypothetical (imaginary) situations. The three most common types of conditional sentence are: The First Conditional: (if + present simple, … will/won’t + infinitive) If it rains tomorrow, I’ll take an umbrella with me. She’ll be tired if she walks all …

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Get Your Cambridge Certificate! All You Need to Know about the PET, FCE, CAE and CPE

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If you’re planning to study English in the near future, you’ll want to get the most out of it for your goals and dreams. The Cambridge Certificate is a recognised qualification of excellence, and it can really help you on the path to success. There are lots of different types of qualifications, and you need …

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