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Free English Lesson: How to Use Question Tags

Image representing students learning about how one man changed the English language more than anyone else in history

What are Question Tags? Question Tags are short questions that follow sentences, used mainly in spoken English. We use question tags to ask if something is true (when we think we know, but are not sure) or to ask people to agree with us. E.g. 1, “That building is Big Ben, isn’t it?” (checking if …

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3 Awesome Reasons to Study English in Australia

Thinking of visiting Australia to learn English? You won’t be alone! Join one of the thousands of students that come from all over the world to learn a new language in Australia. You’re guaranteed to have a fantastic time while you do it – you won’t ever be bored, even for a second! Make great …

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Free English Lesson: Common US Slang That You’re Sure to Hear!

Image representing overseas work

Want to make yourself feel more at home when you visit the US? Of course, you’ll want to take the chance to practice all the English you’ve been learning, but a little bit of slang will help too! Check out some of these common slang phrases that you might hear in the US, to help …

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Going to the US? Then You’ll Need to Know How to Behave!

Planning to visit the United States soon to study English or visit friends? You’re probably pretty excited, but if you’re feeling a little nervous about what to expect, then don’t worry! To help to prepare you on what to expect when you go there when you’re learning a new language, or just having fun – …

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Free English Lesson: 4 Common ‘Body Idioms’ You Just Need to Know!

Idioms are used in all sorts of ways in the English language, and can make the most boring state a lot more interesting! The following idioms take their inspiration from different parts of the human body – while they might sound surprising, they’re worth practicing!  1. All ears Are you “all ears”? It’s not a …

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How to Learn a New Language – Fast!

Image representing a student studying English idioms about love

Going away on a surprise trip and want to brush up on some essential phrases? Want to impress that cute new exchange student? Whatever your reasons for learning a new language, don’t be put off thinking that it might be too hard, or take too long. In fact, by practicing a few of these easy …

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Free English Lesson: Useful British Slang!

Written English is always important, but do we really talk in the same way that we write, with our friends and family? Of course not! Whether you realise it or not, we are always using a form of slang – the informal language we usually use in speech. The English language has lots of types …

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Studying Spanish in Spain? Learn These Cultural Norms Before You Go!

If you’re planning to visit Spain to study Spanish, you’ll find that life can be a little different. While most language courses in Spain follow a similar pattern as elsewhere in the world, you might find that personal and social dynamics take some getting used to. Getting to grips with the cultural differences in a …

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Free English Lesson: 4 Useful Animal Idioms!

Image representing students learning about free apps to improve English learning

In the English language, idioms can come from the most unexpected subjects. Animal idioms are used to express a variety of feelings – get an idea of some of the most common ones below. 1. Like a fish out of water This is used to describe a situation where you feel out of place or …

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