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How to Find Work in England to Support Your Studies

Planning to stay for some time while you’re studying in England? Then having some extra spending money is always welcome! It’s easy to find part time and temporary jobs to add to your savings during your stay here. Having a job is also an excellent way to learn English and put your skills into practice …

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Free English Lesson: Make Your English More Colourful With Some Common Colour Idioms!

Image representing students learning how to use reductions

Idioms are used for all sorts of reasons in the English language – sometimes they can be used to make an expression more interesting and attention-grabbing. Colour idioms are particularly useful for this, so check out this list of common colour idioms you’re sure to hear in England!  1. In the dark  This means that …

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How to Behave in England When You’re Out & About!

If you’re planning to visit England, it’s a great time to put your English language study into practice! Whether you’re coming to study English abroad or just on a vacation, visiting a new country can sometimes be a little nerve-wracking. So to help you fit in easily, check out these easy pointers on the kind …

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Free English Lesson! 4 Common Clothing Idioms

Image representing students taking the FCE exam

In the English language, idioms can come from the strangest of places. This time, we’re looking at clothing-related idioms, to help you use English naturally and easily. 1.At the drop of a hat This is used to describe doing something suddenly, without any prior planning or warning. E.g. “He changed his mind about his travel …

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Free English Lesson! 5 Common Travel Idioms You Really Should Know

Idioms can make the English language sound completely crazy, so to get to grips with learning English, we’re going through some common idioms. Take a look at some travel themed idioms you might hear when you’re out and about. 1. Right up my alley This means that something is just what you wanted, or appeals …

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