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Adventurous outback exploration, discovering the Great Ocean Road and all its highlights during a road trip, seeing Sydney's famous Opera House up close - these are just a few of Australia's countless attractions and beauty spots. If you have always dreamed of travelling Down Under, then you should read on now, because: Already this summer you could spend 4 weeks there! 

Best of all, you don't have to start this wonderful adventure alone, but can apply in teams of two - be it with a partner, friend or family member. How? Quite simply apply to us (including your travel companion) as Eurocentres ambassadors! With a bit of luck we will send you to Melbourne or Sydney in a few months for a 4-week language stay.

Watch all video-applications here!

Become Eurocentres Ambassadors

Your qualifications (applies to both team members)
  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You maintain an active presence in social media
  • You have a passion for writing or content distribution
  • You  are available for a 4-week language course until the end of 2019

Your tasks

  • You both share English-language texts/pictures/videos from your language course on Eurocentres platforms and on your own social media
  • Frequency: at least 3x a week - and thus at least 12x during your stay; 4 of the contributions must be blog entries (at least half a page; max. 1 page)

Your benefits

  • One (max.) 4-week language course in Melbourne or Sydney
  1. Including a 4-week English course of your choice (subject to availability), 20 lessons per week
  2. Accommodation in host families (half board) with single room
  • 2000AUD for travel expenses (per person) , leisure activities and food
  • Elvia Travel insurance

This is how you can apply

  • Record (video format) yourselves (youself and travel companion) while you provide an answer in English to the following question: Why are you the perfect Eurocentres Ambassadors for Sydney OR Melbourne? (specify in video which destination)
  • You may use any creative way to do so (social media filters, photo editors etc.) as long as you answer the above-mentioned question.
  • The video has to be at least 30 seconds and not longer than 2 minutes duration.
  • The video is the only application required.

Application deadline
Applications can be submitted by latest 25th June,  2018 
Voting: Until 30th June, 2018
Judging: 1st July – 5th July

How do you win?

The best 10 videos will enter the judging phase, in which Eurocentres will pick the worthy winners! Encourage your family, friends and colleagues to vote on your entry to get as many votes as possible.

Watch all video-applications here!

By participating you accept the General Terms & Conditions.

Like Marion, our winner from last year, who is currently enjoying her stay in San Diego, take your chance to become a Eurocentres Ambassador! Soon you could be saying "Hello" from beautiful Australia !