English for Beginners

If you have decided to learn English, our Beginner English course can teach you the skills that you need to achieve your goal and establish a solid foundation to develop your foreign language skills. Beginning to learn a new language can seem daunting, but our Beginner English course makes learning English exciting and fun. Whether you want to travel abroad, make new friends, or simply be able to communicate in English with confidence, our Beginner English course is an excellent starting point.

Our Beginner English course engages students with English interactions from the first day. Lessons are practical, communicative, and supportive, allowing beginner learners to build their confidence step-by-step to understand and use the essentials of English in contemporary life, with expert teaching of grammar with expert teaching of grammar and vocabulary. As a participant in this Beginner English course, you will receive personalized attention in our bi-weekly individual tutorials from our experienced and certified teachers, who will be able to identify your individual learning needs to customize the course and ensure quick progress. Our modern and innovative classrooms include constant mobile-friendly access to our e-platform, ‘my.Eurocentres’, which features personalized guidance and a range of media. If you are looking to make the leap to learn English and expand your communication abilities, our Beginner English course is the ideal learning platform, allowing you to establish a basis for further English learning in an exciting and fun way.


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Practical and communicative learning focused on individual needs to ensure rapid progress.